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A Multicultural Approach to Mental Health

Your wellness is our reward!

Mental Health Services

Open Door Living Association proudly offers a wide range of psychological and mental health services for children, adults and families.

Counseling and Therapeutic Services 

At Open Door Living Association we value the therapeutic alliance between client and practitioner. Here at Open Door we are dedicated to providing quality counseling and therapeutic services with a focus diversity, compassion and positive outcomes.

Lifespan Counseling 

Open Door Counseling offers Lifespan counseling through Early Childhood Counseling, Play Therapy, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focus, RBT, Structured Family Therapy.

Diagnostic Testing and Evaluation

The skilled practitioners of Open Door Living Association are trained to administer a wide range of diagnostic tests and psychological evaluations. In addition to the standard assessment tools , we take pride in our inclusion of multicultural perspectives and cultural context in our evaluation process.

Mentoring and Parent Education Training 

Open Door Living Association offers convenient and flexible Adolescent Mentoring and Parent Education Programs. Our mentoring and educational programs are in alignment with our continued efforts to build relationships and provide a continuum of care that embraces the entire family.

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Schedule a Consultation 

Schedule a consultation with one of our trained counselors and therapists. We look forward to connecting with you.

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Parent Education and Training

Learn more about our convenient and flexible Mentoring and Parent Training programs.

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